Unity Church of Light
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 Sunday School & Nursery

  • Beholds all children are whole and perfect expressions of God
  • Empowers children to fulfill their divine potential
  • Teaches children to meditate and pray
  • Invites children to experience a loving God
Interested in learning more?
Our children participating in the Town Hall Meeting.
​Currently we are using a program based on the book Discover The Power Within You by Eric Butterworth which explores Unity's spiritual principles and how to create an empowered life.  We are introducing the use of  intentions and how to create them along some simple yoga poses to help them center and the mindfulness meditation along with their weekly lessons and activities.

Together the children created the following intentions for their classrooms.

Their intentions are:
  • We intend to know God
  • We intend to have a warm, comfortable and safe room
  • We intend to have fun
  • We intend to treat each other with love, respect and kindness
  • We intend to become leaders